Cultural proficiency, emotional intelligence and research-based leadership skills are the hallmarks of Spark leaders--they are equipped and poised to be change agents who support growth and success for their entire school or organizational communities. 


Participants quickly learn Spark is a group coaching experience that is unique in the educational sector. The Spark Leadership Team Development Program methodically provides both skills and inquiry-based support for emerging leaders who are often being prepared for increased responsibility. It is the awareness and strategic leveraging of soft and hard skills that distinguishes an effective leader from one who is not leading to their full potential. Over 10 months, participants engage in 40 hours of group-based coaching and discourse. Guided by our LIGHTS and the T2L C5RE COMPETENCIES™, participants deeply explore skills including raising racial consciousness, managing others, building effective teams, coaching, and setting and monitoring goals.

The Spark program includes four modules to support Spark leaders in first turning their LIGHTS on by raising their own self-awareness and advancing their level of cultural proficiency, and then igniting the LIGHTS in others by honing their people leadership and management skills. Spark leaders who are school-based also engage in research-based instructional leadership development to help them guide teachers in changing practice toward stronger outcomes. Spark leaders who are non-profit leaders learn about and hone research-based leadership skills that prepare them to increase their capacity to lead and manage others. Finally, Spark leaders explore the art and science of strategic planning in order to rally their teams toward sustained success.

This program is transforming organizations in impactful and long-term ways, and now it can be taken for graduate credit.