Quickly becoming one of our most sought-after programs, Illuminate is specifically designed to operationalize equity within your organization.

Redefining 21st Century Leadership

Teach To Lead believes it is the conscious leader’s moral imperative to create equitable growth and advancement opportunities for all people within the organizations and communities that he or she leads.  The shifting norms, values, and demographics of the 21st Century demand that leaders rise to the challenge of leading with radical inclusivity.

Facilitated by a T2L Coach, Illuminate is a 10-session, 10-month course broken into the four sections:

1. Evaluate Self – Self-reflection to uncover biases and hidden beliefs that hinder leadership effectiveness 


2. Evaluate Structural Equity – Assess the diversity distribution of the organization and key stakeholders through the lens of power, race, culture and class

3. Change Behaviors and Policies – Create a research-based, three-year strategic plan for creating a more inclusive culture within the organization; create evaluation metrics to ensure success

4. Train the Trainer – Practice and refine the skills necessary to ensure the leader is ready to engage in conversations about race and equity with all of their stakeholders

Teach To Lead is willing to customize this program to meet an organization's unique needs.


This program is transforming organizations in impactful
and long-term ways, and now it can be taken for graduate credit.

Key outcomes of the program for leaders include:

  • Deep insight about hidden personal biases
  • Conscious commitments to change and improve leadership habits
  • Adoption of Teach To Lead’s “Lights On” ethos of remaining value-centered as they address the structural changes necessary to create equity in their organizations
  • A positive impact on the policy environment of their organizations
  • Increased confidence and boldness in their leadership
  • A three-year strategic plan for operationalizing diversity and inclusivity in their organization
  • A shift in the entire organization's culture to being more diverse and inclusive

As an added outcome, interested school leaders can receive 4 ½ graduate credits from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education for participating in the course.  For more information, visit: www.gse.upenn.edu/pln/courses/k-12.

Note: Only leaders from the same organization are eligible to participate in the course in order to optimize collaboration opportunities and strengthen unity amongst the leadership body.