Supporting teachers by investing in their school leaders is critical to ensuring the best educational and social opportunities and outcomes for students.


Igniting Leaders, Igniting Communities

Teach To Lead’s flagship service is the Ignite individualized school leadership development program.  Aimed at principals, chief academic officers, and chief executive officers in traditionally under-served areas, Ignite is a three-year, one-on-one coaching investment into key school leaders to transform the educational outcomes for students and positively impact the culture of a school or district.  The ripple effect of a school set ablaze by the passion of a conscious, committed school leader is unmistakable.  Ignite seeks to realize that impact at every underserved school across the country.


Ignite school leaders are paired with a Teach To Lead Coach for a three-year, comprehensive, strategic approach that focuses on progressively increasing their effectiveness.

We use an inquiry-based approach, and frame our coaching around five core school leadership competencies: strategic planning and execution, self-awareness, people leadership, instructional leadership, and cultural proficiency.


Strategic Planning

Executive Coaching

Full-Day School Visit

Year 1

Co-create a strategic plan for the upcoming school year

Two 45-minute coaching sessions per month


Year 2

Revise the strategic plan as necessary for the second year

One 45-minute coaching session per month


Year 3

Co-create a strategic five-year plan

One 45-minute coaching session per quarter




Ignite is a three-year commitment that empowers school leaders to lead more consciously, authentically, and inclusively.  Past participants have experienced remarkable outcomes including:

  • Significant academic proficiency testing gains, year-over-year
  • Significant increases in graduation rates
  • Significant increases in school quality ratings
  • Significant increases in retention and graduation rates for students that require extra time to finish assignments and exams
  • Significant declines in suspension rates
  • And guaranteed improvement in the school leader’s self-awareness, strategic planning proficiency, and people leadership