We see a world relieved of its most pervasive and systemic troubles through the leadership of authentic men and women, boldly committed to creating an inclusive and equitable world for all.

Coaching Programs for Leaders


Ablaze is a unique chance for a leader to pause and chart an intentional course toward a desired future.  Aimed at individuals motivated to see progress in their personal development, Ablaze invites them on a journey of dedicated reflection and accountability that results in greater clarity of vision and a purpose set on fire.


For principals, chief academic officers, chief executive officers, and other high-level school leaders, Ignite is the country’s premier coaching resource for key school leaders serving in under-resourced, urban and rural communities.


Created for groups of community, non-profit, educational, and corporate leaders, Illuminate is the leadership program that prepares organizations to succeed in the complex social, racial and cultural frameworks of the 21st Century.


For members of school or non-profit leadership teams, Spark prepares emerging leaders to be, think, act, and lead from their highest potential by combining the most current, research-based leadership skills and tools with relevant emotional intelligence and cultural proficiency practices needed for effective leadership.

Effective 21st Century leadership is authentic and inclusive leadership.


With practice areas dedicated to the education, non-profit, and governmental sectors, Teach To Lead offers highly rigorous and personalized one-to-one or small group coaching programs designed to address the leader’s entire being as they nurture new habits and skills that enable them to increase their effectiveness while embracing the core leadership values of love, integrity, grit, humility, trust and service.





100% of T2L School Leaders demonstrated and reported an increase in their self-awareness and proficiency to develop and execute a strategic plan and manage others. Such improvement drives results like these:

"Earned Tier 1 status for the first time in the school's history"
"Significantly outpaced the district average"
"Second-highest gains of any public charter school in Washington, DC"
"Greatest gains in Maryland"