The vision of Teach To Lead is to see the world relieved of its most pervasive, systemic, and troubling issues through the leadership of authentic men and women, boldly committed to creating an inclusive and equitable world for all.



Teach To Lead exists to equip and mobilize leaders to heed the call for more conscious, authentic, and culturally inclusive leadership.

We believe that leadership is for every sphere of life, from the boardroom to the homeroom.  It is for entrepreneurs, public servants, school leaders, and parents alike.

Our mission is to support leaders as they alleviate society’s most vexing issues, and transform the culture’s understanding of effective 21st century leadership.


To deliver on our promises Teach To Lead is grounded in six core values.  We call them our LIGHTS because these principles illuminate our path as we support leaders on their growth journeys.


Love undergirds every other value we hold dear.  Love includes.  It invites.  It sees potential. Love acknowledges pain and reveals truth.  Love awakens consciousness.  It demands perseverance and emboldens the spirit.  Love is what fuels our empathy and compassion for our leaders and those that they serve.


Authentic leadership is about both who we are and what we do.  We honor each other, our leaders, and ourselves by aligning our thoughts, words, and actions with our intentions.  We keep our promises.


Growth takes grit.  Leadership and personal development requires persistence and an unyielding belief in the purpose of the journey.  We don’t give up on our leaders or ourselves.  We constantly seek and find the necessary resources to support mutual, sustained growth and results.


We do not shrink our strengths and talents.  Instead, we are open, honest, and reflective about our shortcomings.  We proactively seek opportunities to improve and foster receptivity within our client relationships.


If leadership is established on love, it hinges on trust because, ultimately, we follow those we trust. Therefore, we are committed to modeling authenticity, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to each other and our leaders.  We offer reflective feedback, suspend judgment, and persevere to keep our promises.


Love is made visible when it serves.  We remain single-minded in our service to our clients and their goals.  We serve holistically and inclusively, allowing our vision to ignite our passion daily.

Our Team

Meet our Founder and Head Coach


As a child, Shayna experienced both the ugliness of racism and the redeeming power of a culturally inclusive teacher.  So when she became a Teach For America corps member, Shayna focused on inclusivity as a cornerstone to her leadership ethos.  Her inner fire lit up her 3rd grade students at Baltimore’s Belmont Elementary and earned Shayna the Peter Kannam Award for the greatest academic gains of the TFA-Baltimore Corps and she went on to be named as one of five National Finalists for the Sue Lehmann Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Shayna then took a position as a KIPP principal and was struck by the awesome privilege and profound responsibility of being a school leader.  She experienced the challenges of being a young, ambitious leader, leading a diverse group of teachers; the negative impact of endemic racial and socioeconomic inequities on the educational system; the need for transformative school leaders to positively impact student learning outcomes; the lack of mentorship and support for school leaders, particularly those working in under-served communities.

Despite the challenges, Shayna cultivated KIPP Ujima’s first Leadership Team and led them to create a professional learning community dedicated to differentiated instruction, character education, cultural proficiency, and innovative scheduling models that provided adequate time for collaborative planning and data analysis.  The school became the highest-performing public middle school in Baltimore.

KIPP liked what Shayna was able to do with teachers and leaders at KIPP Ujima and made her responsible for Teacher Leadership Programs at the KIPP Foundation.  She designed and executed professional development programs for KIPP teacher leaders in 109 schools nationwide serving 26,000 students. These leaders consistently rated the effectiveness of Shayna’s programs at 95% or above.

These experiences awakened Shayna to the critical importance of leadership development and led her to pursue a career focusing on the human beings that lead efforts to serve historically underserved groups and individuals across a variety of industries and sectors.

Shayna has developed Teach To Lead to support the efforts of the ambitious men and women answering the call for effective, authentic and inclusive leadership in the 21st Century.

Shayna holds Masters degrees in Elementary Education from Johns Hopkins and Educational Administration and Supervision from National Louis University.  She also completed the KIPP school leadership program at Berkeley and is a part-time faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education’s PENN Literacy Network. Shayna most recently completed the Certificate in Leadership Coaching Program at Georgetown University.