Ablaze is the newest of Teach To Lead’s coaching programs. It is a unique chance for a leader to pause, and chart an intentional course toward a desired future. Aimed at individuals motivated to see progress in their personal development, Ablaze invites leaders on a journey of dedicated reflection and accountability that results in greater clarity of vision and a purpose set on fire.

Consisting of two live, 45-minute, one-to-one, video-coaching sessions per month, Ablaze is a three-month investment into a leader’s holistic health.  Guided by a Teach To Lead Coach, each Ablaze leader defines a vision for their life, and practices the art of aligning their everyday choices with that horizon.

Instead of prescribing a rigid plan of daily “to-dos,” Teach to Lead Coaches support leaders in developing a sustainable rhythm for work, play, and rest that results in tangible outcomes such as:

  • Strengthened leadership presence, impact, and influence 
  • Client-driven professional and personal goal attainment 
  • Deepened self-awareness 
  • Improved and individualized work/life harmony
  • Tools and strategies for evaluating leadership dilemmas through diverse perspectives 
  • Greater understanding of how to live and lead in a values-centered way 
  • Heightened awareness of the mind-body-spirit dimensions of leadership
  • Tools for identifying and interrupting self-sabotaging thoughts, words, and behaviors 
  • Nurturing an authentic leadership “voice” and style


Our Lights

Ablaze coaching is grounded in Teach To Lead’s six core values.  We call them our LIGHTS because these principles illuminate the journey of growth and transformation we go on with each and every leader we coach.

Our essential value because we believe leadership is love personified

We stand tall in our strengths, and honestly reflect on our shortcomings

The act of aligning our thoughts, words, and actions with our intentions

The cornerstone of authentic leadership and our client relationships

A never-give-up spirit that is critical to coaching anyone on a growth journey

We stay single-minded in our service to our leaders and their goals


For more information email Shayna Hammond at shayna@teachtolead.com.